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Delivering Professional Courses and Training in Yorkshire and the East Midlands

Qualify for Future Success

Serving Yorkshire and the East Midlands, we provide a range of courses designed to accelerate career development and generate new skills and knowledge.

Promoting a Safe Working Environment

Our courses include comprehensive training in health and safety practices and first aid treatment, helping to promote safety and positivity in the workplace.

Assessing Quality

After completing courses with us, learners are able to assess other candidates working towards qualifications, or go into a career in teaching, assessing, and quality assurance.

Learning a Trade

We prepare learners for work in their chosen industry, with in-depth plant training for various tools and equipment, and invaluable traineeships and apprenticeships  in the rail industry.

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About Vitae Services Ltd

Every successful business is founded upon trained and qualified employees who excel in their role. Vitae Services Ltd provide specialised training to employers and employees. Established in 2017, we deliver a range of professional courses in South Yorkshire and the East Midlands, engaging with learners and empowering them to qualify for career advancement. With links to major companies around the UK, and more than 30 years’ experience behind us, we take pride in inspiring and motivating people to invest in their personal success.

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